Irish healthcare centre charmed by Elegance

Banbridge Health & Care Centre

Banbridge is a quiet town in County Down, Northern Ireland. Its location on the site of a bridge crossing the river Bann gave it its name – Ban-bridge. It has a rapidly growing population of currently around 20,000. And as a growing community, the health and treatment of the local inhabitants is a key factor of everyday life.

This new Community Treatment and Care Centre (CTCC) is situated within the Banbridge Health Village on the Old Hospital site and provides a raft of healthcare facilities to the town and surrounding district. Ensuring that this new state-of-the-art healthcare centre would have the very latest products in terms of flooring would fall to the Dublin-based MCR Group. The new flooring would have to be of the highest quality, look fabulous and be fit for purpose. This crucial element of the project would be supplied by international flooring and interiors specialists Gerflor.

As a true healthcare multi-specialist and with over sixty years’ healthcare experience Gerflor has grown and developed to become a credible expert in this field by creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, decorative, durable, hygienic and environmentally responsible flooring for a host of healthcare related solutions.

The flooring solution used by the MCR Group for this high profile healthcare project would be Gerflor’s Mipolam Elegance and some 3000m2 of this high performing product would be needed to fulfil the projects requirements.

Treated with Gerflor’s exclusive and patented Evercare™ surface treatment, the latest pioneering technology on the market, the vinyl is scuff resistant and needs no waxing or acrylic polishes to maintain appearance and colour brightness.

Malcolm McClure, Gerflor’s National Sales Manager, Ireland commented,” the crucial aspects of this project were supplying a product that would reduce maintenance costs, assist infection control and retain its appearance, together with looking great. Our top-performing Mipolam Elegance with our Evercare™ surface treatment does exactly that”.

The combination of Evercare™ with fungistatic and bacteriostatic treatments also ensures that stains, including those from the most common products used in the healthcare industry such as iodine and alcohols, can be safely and hygienically removed with a minimum of water and detergent; thereby reducing maintenance costs and lowering the environmental impact.

The product is also available in eight slip resistant barefoot Elegance SD styles suitable for use in showers and wet rooms. Recommended for making skirting easier, as well as fitting angles and welding, the 2mm thick vinyl now weighs 2,850 grams per square metre thanks to a higher PVC content and the lowest rates of mineral fillers and can be installed more quickly than before. The Mipolam Elegance range is suitable for heavy duty traffic and has a group T wear rating, it comes with an innovative non-directional design, is available in 33 contemporary colours for hardworking spaces and is also 100% recyclable.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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