Penzance nursery school choose Taralay Libertex from Gerflor

Libertex Flooring Alverton Nursery

Over 100m2 of Gerflor’s newest loose-lay innovation Taralay Libertex has been installed in the several classrooms at Alverton Woodland Nursery, Cornwall. The refurbishment solution was a fast-track product that saved the End User significant install time with minimal disruption on site. The final interior is fit for purpose for the needs of the younger education establishment.
From tiny seeds, grow mighty trees…the aim at Alverton Woodland Nursery in Penzance Cornwall is to give the best possible foundation on which to build a child’s whole education. Passionate about Early Years, believers in the wonders of the great outdoors Alverton Woodland Nursery provides an adventurous start to each child’s journey, giving them the skills, they need to learn throughout their lives and fostering strong, positive relationships and a love of learning.
Providing a unique and quality environment for Early Years education the Alverton Woodland Nursery strongly believe that this ethos must include the very building infrastructure that the children and staff experience every day.
When the nursery wanted to refresh 100m2 of flooring in two classrooms they turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 100m2 of their stunning new Taralay Libertex looselay flooring innovation in Pure Oak Clear’ to fulfil the high standards of flooring they would require. Gerflor’s brand-new Taralay Libertex range is an ‘enabler’, allowing designers to be brave and unfettered with designs. Moreover, Taralay Libertex provides installers with a rapid, high quality, easy-to-lay flooring product. It’s where practicality meets creative flair head-on to provide a harmonious union.
The installation of the Gerflor Taralay Libertex looselay flooring would need to be of the highest standards to meet the rigorous specification set out by the nursery.
Local installer Kernow Carpets would be appointed to oversee the project with a high-quality finish as the final aim. A specialist in Carpet and Vinyl installations, the company has more than a decade of experience servicing the needs of local community.
Scott Barberry, Owner of Kernow Carpets commented, “The project at Alverton Nursery initially came through a recommendation. Our Representative Chris Pursey suggested Taralay Libertex which was a new solution from Gerflor. It turned out to be a perfect choice as it needed minimal sub-floor preparation which saved time and costs for the client.”
Taralay Libertex is the ideal flooring choice when time really is money, providing up to a 30% saving on installation costs for new builds and renovations as it can be laid directly onto most existing or uneven subfloors.
Minimal subfloor preparation required, and a direct laying capability coupled with no drying time and no need for a facility to shutdown ensures that Taralay Libertex is the ideal choice for Installers, as well as End Users.
On installation Scott Barberry further said, The Taralay Libertex product was incredibly easy to lay, cutting it was no different to any other product like this, and with little subfloor preparation needed, it was the perfect choice for the client to save money.”
Taralay Libertex is a multi-layered vinyl floorcovering with a printed design which is protected by a 0,70 mm thick transparent wear layer. The product features the innovative MAX 3-layer system which is comprised of a high-density foam complex with fibre glass, an acoustic foam layer and a recycled reinforced textile backing.
Taralay Libertex also provides 19dB sound insulation properties whilst also offering R10 slip resistance and a Group T wear rating. Taralay Libertex is also treated with Protecsol®, which renders polish redundant, is triple action so that no polish is ever required contributing to extremely easy maintenance regimes.
Scott Barberry further added, “The Taralay Libertex flooring has performed perfectly in the areas it has gone down on, with no tears and it’s also extremely hardwearing. We have used Gerflor Texline before so knew the new product would always be more than capable.”
Taralay Libertex features a new generation of textile backing across the sheet vinyl range, specifically developed for commercial applications such as education, hospitality and shops, offices, care homes, together with housing and common areas.
Scott Barberry ended by saying, “The client was over the moon with the installation and the final look of the Gerflor flooring. We would certainly specify Gerflor again, not only are the products brilliant, but the support is also fantastic as our Representative Chris Pursey was always on hand to assist us through the project. “
Chris Pursey commented “I was delighted to be involved in this project; this is a great success story utilising our newest innovation which has exceeded the expectations of the Nursery”.
When time means money and the project has no time for stoppages, then Gerflor’s Taralay Libertex is the perfect answer, providing a spectacular looking fast-track solution that delivers freedom of expression without compromise every time.
Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 03332 412901, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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