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Gerflor’s Creative Design Service is a unique value proposition for architects, interior designers and specifiers alike. It allows clients to unleash their creativity and truly customise floor designs, to create a bespoke finish through Gerflor’s advanced water jet cutting technology.  There is also no need to compromise on the flooring benefits, as durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety, comfort and optimum hygiene is maintained.   A vast swathe of sectors can benefit from using the MyFloor Service from Gerflor and includes Education, Healthcare, Offices, Retail, Industry, together with Sport and Fitness.

Zoning, statement floors and personalised flooring with logos are all key vogues that we are seeing an increased hunger for. Whether clients are designing a new facility, or re-designing an existing one, the influence that the flooring finish can have on overall aesthetics, sustainability and performance cannot be dismissed . The capacity to create a bespoke design or unique effect is crucial in the overall planning and layout of many education, healthcare, retail, sports, and office environments.

The MyFloor Service  from Gerflor enables designers and specifiers alike to go even further with their imagination using digital printing as a means to translate their vision into reality. It’s where creativity meets technology, head on in a wonderful arena of fore-sight, ingenuity, and inspiration. It’s a simple process for the designer or specifier, they imagine the design and Gerflor create it with their high-quality, precision water jet technology. Using this highly accurate system also ensures that designers retain all the product benefits of longevity, durability and hygiene for their chosen Gerflor flooring.

Another benefit with the Gerflor MyFloor service is that by using the waterjet cutting technique, Gerflor can create bespoke designs and logos which further enhance the choices for designers and specifiers. It’s a real boon when a facility wants to customise its ‘look.’ Using this highly precise cutting method customers can create their own unique stamp or brand. Whether it’s a logo, signage on the floor or a bespoke laying pattern, anything is possible with striking precision… and it all can be manufactured with incredible detail with Gerflor’s precision water jet cutting technology.

Descriptive markings such as stop signs on the floor, disabled and wheelchair access, designated seating zones, together with walkways and hand sanitising areas are all made easy to recognise using this service.

The breadth of application for marking floors is huge and helps to create a secure and comforting environment, together with providing a unique and appealing space where visitors can enjoy their visit within the facility. Being able to navigate around any facility is hugely important and marking and zoning floors enables this function more easily.

In this current Covid environment, being able to continuously socially distance has delivered outstanding results for the whole country in the fight against the pandemic. Being able to clearly mark floors to encourage social distancing has been beneficial for all. With the use of signs and bold colours clearly marked on a floor has enabled a host of facilities to encourage social distancing on a tremendous scale. It’s where floor marking, and zoning can really make a significant contribution to the nation’s health.

David Collins-Lafferty, Marketing Manager, Gerflor UK commented, “By utilising and accessing our innovative MyFloor digital water jet cutting service, designers and specifiers across the contract markets, whether it’s for new build or refurbishment projects, can transform their designs into a stunning and striking reality.” David Collins-Lafferty further added, “The Gerflor MyFloor service is incredibly easy to use and enables designers to present drafts and designs for clients, together with producing the final printed floor with either its unique markings or clients’ logos.”

When specifying flooring in desirable settings, designers are increasingly seeing the benefits of luxury vinyl tile and sheet products to create the required finish. With authentic patterns, endless colours, designs and textures to choose from, the possibilities for creating an impressive and stunningly  beautiful floor are now endless. The latest technological advances in vinyl production ensures that being creative with flooring has never been easier. Establishments can not only install a flooring solution that is high-quality, durable and on-trend, but one that is in perfect keeping with the overall look, vibe and theme of the venue. Whether a business chooses to zone or design an impactful statement floor, it can be achieved without compromising on its technical performance or integrity. It’s a fact that floor surfaces are a major visual element in most facilities and will have a significant impact on the internal environment for the user. The use of bespoke logos and waterjet cutting on flooring design also creates brand awareness and re-enforces the sales or corporate message.

A school in Scotland that supports and accommodates 190 pupils with additional needs has been built to deliver an education environment worthy of its staff and students. ‘Carrongrange’ school in Grangemouth provides a raft of support to further enhance the learning and future of its pupils.


When Falkirk Council required flooring for this education project, they turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 4000m2 of flooring products that could deliver stunning looks, durability, and performance.

The pupils themselves had a hand in designing the badge for the school, and by using Gerflor’s water jet cutting service were able to have their new logo incorporated into the Mipolam flooring installed. Jack Aitken, Education Design Co-ordinator, Falkirk Council commented, “The flooring continues to perform really well. The staff and pupils are absolutely delighted with the flooring design which matched perfectly the flooring concepts designed by our pupils.”

With many years’ experience of water jet cutting technology, Gerflor proudly offers this service for customised flooring designs. Simply send Gerflor your file (preferably AutoCAD) with the design, shape and logo and the required information to produce the design (size, product etc). It really is Simply Done and as easy as that.

International flooring specialist Gerflor are at the very forefront of R&D, creating and manufacturing products that enable a bespoke look and feel for a wide range of their clients.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 03332 412901, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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