Gerflor supply latest concrete design Taraflex® Multi-use to South Coast Gym

South Coast Gyms Flooring

As the UK is about to enter another decade the desire for the overall population to be more fit and healthy has never been sharper, and the burgeoning growth of health clubs and gyms has blossomed.

A short distance from Shoreham-by-the-Sea in the small village of Lancing, South Coast Gym offers classes, personal training, a fuel station and the latest gym equipment all aimed at delivering a healthier, fitter lifestyle for local residents.

When South Coast Gym Owner Neil Donohue decided to expand the gym’s facilities in order to offer a larger and more extensive facility, he turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 130m2 of sports flooring that could deliver a high performing, multi-use solution for the studio area. The project would see South Coast Gym expand into the next-door unit creating 11,500sq/ft of gym, class and functional space which involved updating and redesigning both units. They have also added a Café for healthy eating and now consider themselves to be the best facility in the area.

South Coast Gym appointed Stockport-based Recreational Coatings who have over 30 years’ experience of installing sports surfaces in Olympic, Commonwealth, World and European events throughout the UK and beyond to oversee the project.

Neil Donohue commented, “we decided to use Gerflor’s Taraflex® Multi-Use flooring after recommendations by Recreational Coatings”. Neil Donohue went on to add, “the floor was expertly laid and looks amazing as it has blended in with the raw industrial look we were looking for. The floor has stood up well to all types of activities from Bounce, Yoga, Pilates and HIIT classes and is a perfect match for all these classes”.

Ross Johns, Commercial Director, Recreational Coatings said, “we specified Taraflex® Multi-Use from Gerflor for Neil’s new studio as he wanted a floor that was easy to maintain, fitted in with his décor and would reduce the decibel impact from people jumping up and down. We showed him Taraflex® Multi-Use in Dark Concrete and he instantly loved it”.

The specification of Taraflex® Multi-Use would prove to be the ideal choice because of its multi-use function, ease of maintenance and indentation resistance particularly with static gym equipment such as spin bikes.


Taraflex® sports flooring from Gerflor offers a wide range of colours and is suitable for a variety of applications and has been used by the largest international sports federations (volleyball, handball, badminton, table tennis) for decades.

Also widely used in education and health and fitness markets, the Taraflex® range has solutions for all safety and performance requirements and its large colour and design palette means it can be used to reinforce a business’s brand identity and build customer loyalty.

Taraflex® Multi-Use is a P1 category sports flooring designed with both sport and non-sport use in mind, making it ideal for multi-purpose areas including fitness clubs and gyms. Taraflex® Multi-Use protects users with excellent shock absorption and impact protection of 25 to 35%. Yet it’s tough enough to protect itself against non-sport demands often found in many fitness environments such as the movement of tables, chairs and exercise equipment. This is due to improved indentation resistance and recovery through Gerflor’s new innovative CXP HD+ foam technology. Meanwhile, surface reinforcement which delivers durability and abrasion resistance is provided by a D-Max fibreglass grid. The flooring offers maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and a fungistatic treatment and comes with the Triple Action Protecsol® surface treatment which provides easy maintenance, friction protection and ‘intelligent’ sliding coefficient.

With Taraflex® Multi-Use there is no need to compromise between sport usage or multi-purpose activities. This stunning multi use sports flooring is available in 5 wood-effect and 2 concrete-effect designs.

Ross Johns concluded, “this project is a prime example of our consultative approach; it’s important for us to make sure our customers are getting the right advice and are happy with their choice. Our partnership with Gerflor is important to us and Gerflor gives us a broad range of products that are in our opinion, ‘best in class’.

Neil Donohue ended by saying, “We will always use Gerflor from now on as the quality and look is exceptional”.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions; ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing, or visit for the latest innovations.

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