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My Taralay Digital Printing

Gerflor is at the forefront of innovation by offering its customers a range of digital printing services, one of which includes MyTaralay Impression. This design service allows specifiers and designers alike to be totally unique with a host of projects, where floors can be customised to bespoke needs. With Gerflor’s MyTaralay Impression service, clients can make bold design statements, unleash their creativity and can stand out from the crowd by personalising the floors they are specifying. It’s a design service where designers can enter a world of one atmosphere, one style, one floor, but endless incredible possibilities.

Three key design services to cement your inspirations

Clients can customise their flooring designs according to their specification. They can either recolour an existing design from the Taralay Impression collection where there are 20 references to choose from or can choose from 50 exclusive designs, designed by the Gerflor Creative Team, in the spirit of the major current and prospective trends in design, architecture and fashion. Finally, clients can go even further if they are looking for a completely unique floor, by sending in their own bespoke design for a totally distinctive finish.

Further detail on the MyTaralay Impression Digital Design Services


One of the options with Gerflor’s unique MyTaralay Impression digital design service is to help designers and specifiers set the tone of their projects by re-colouring 20 designs of their choice on screen and in real time when specifying flooring from the Taralay Impression collection. The most popular designs have been selected for the colouration part of the service, including Stars, Rice, Nest, Kubes, Corner, Trame, Mohair, Portobello, and Moon Island. It’s a cornucopia of designs that will enable designers, architects, and specifiers to really add their own design moniker to any flooring design on behalf of their clients. Marco B (Design Architect) who enjoys designing in the pink said “I really like the dynamic feel created by the lines in the Nest design. In order to be able to incorporate it into my plans, I asked Gerflor to change the colour.

2. The Collection (Library)

 The second option in the MyTaralay Impression Digital Printing service which offers architects, specifiers, and designers the opportunity to choose from 50 exclusive designs, designed by the in-house Gerflor Creative Team. For those seeking inspiration there is also a selection of four major designs trends these include Nature Land, Fun, Folk and Retronuate.

 The Collection in further detail (50 Exclusive Designs in Library)

 The trend Nature Land delivers subtle and elegant contrasts to create a gentle and peaceful atmosphere. A return to basics and simplicity; these natural fibre designs create a relaxing atmosphere in which the colour green has several different tones. Wood, Minerals, and Air…where you can really let your projects breathe. Fun, which is an explosion of colours and patterns for fun-loving and creative people, the designs are ideal for educational environments and the patterns will not leave anyone indifferent. The range of options become an ocean of creativity and a perfect playground scene. Folk, a touch of bohemia, these are designs with geometric patterns and colour schemes and are inspired by popular folklore, ancient cultures, and encounters with people around the world. Finally, Retronaute providing an industrial look inspired by New York lofts with back notes of raw materials and sober colours. With these designs, architects and specifiers can take a trip down memory lane while retaining a resolutely modern atmosphere with a distinct character. Lines and patterns that take the best from the past to create eye-catching designs.

 Sophie A (Primary School Head Teacher) who desired to create an inspiring environment said, “Welcoming my pupils into a fun, original and warm environment every day really helps them develop! The children enjoy reading while sitting in the ‘crazy field.”

 3. Customisation

The final option in the MyTaralay Impression Digital Printing service is the Customisation

offer. This design service enables those involved in the design and specification process to create an exceptional and extremely unique flooring design. Customising the overall design is an easy process when adding in specific designs or client’s logos, by simply sending Gerflor a file in accordance with the process described in Gerflor’s online specification. It’s then presented for approval by Gerflor’s Technical Team, the requestee then receives their material sample for validation prior to final manufacture and delivery. It’s even possible to enhance the visual identity of a company by having logos printed across the width of the roll*.

Isabelle L, (Art Gallery Manager) commented, “I love to be able to create and match my gallery’s floor with the work on show. Visitors are fully immersed in the artist’s world!”

*Subject to Gerflor specifications guidelines-refer to website for information

MyTaralay Impression Design Offer

The digital service offer is available in both Compact and Acoustic versions of Taralay Impression. These flooring solutions are suitable for a vast range of contract applications whereby the final flooring finish will not only look stunning and unique, but also deliver high performance and longevity for a building interior. With Gerflor’s MyTaralay customisation service there is no compromise, as it provides architects, specifiers, and designers with the ability to have bespoke designed floors that not only provide high-end design solutions but also have the assured technical performance characteristics of their chosen Taralay Impression collection.

Digital On Screen Customisation

The MyTaralay Impression digital on-screen customisation service is available for Taralay Impression Comfort and Taralay Impression Compact. Designing a unique floor using the MyTaralay Impression on screen design service is incredibly straightforward. It’s quick, easy, simple to use and hugely effective in providing a unique look for a host of applications and environments. Using this unique digital on screen design service offers designers even more insight into their final design prior to manufacture and delivery.

Nav Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor UK commented, “The MyTaralay Impression offer is an exciting customisation service for architects, specifiers and designers alike. If you want to unleash your creativity and take it to the next level, then we can help with our digital printing service. Whether it’s a re-colouration, choosing from one of our exclusive leading-edge designs or a completely new design concept, Gerflor can assist in making those creative projects become a reality. Delivering a service at the forefront of innovation, the MyTaralay Impression service for our customers is where Gerflor really excels.”

Technical Overview Taralay Impression ranges

Suitable for medium to high traffic areas including hospitals, schools, commercial and public areas, the Taralay Impression Comfort range from Gerflor comprises of a Very High Density (VHD) foam backing reinforced with a glass fibre grid and a printed design that is protected by a transparent wear layer (0.65 mm thick) which offers 19 dB sound insulation and an indentation resistance of 0.11 mm.


The product is protected by a UV cured surface treatment Protecsol® 2 which is easy to maintain and permanently eliminates the need of an acrylic emulsion (metallisation). It does not contain any heavy metals or CMR 1&2 and it is 100% compliant with REACH.

 The Taralay Impression Compact range from Gerflor, is ideal for heavy traffic areas and provides a 0.70mm PVC wear layer. This vinyl flooring is safe and reliable with an improved R10 slip resistance. Treated with Protecsol® 2 surface treatment to ensure no polish for the entire lifetime of the product. The Taralay Impression Compact collection delivers a range of eye-catching innovative designs in a wide array of stunning colour choices. It’s the perfect flooring choice for architect’s specifiers and designers who are seeking durability, together with having the ability to access a range of sophisticated modern designs.

The product emission rate of volatile organic compounds is < 70 µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days – ISO 16000 -6). It is also 100% recyclable.


Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 03332 412901, emailing contractuk@gerflor.com, or visiting gerflor.co.uk for the latest innovations.


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