Spectacular success for Gradus Lunar Carpets at Banbury based EV automotive giant.

MADE Gradus carpet tile flooring

When a Manchester-based interior design company needed to source high quality flooring for their client’s office premises, they turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor for a fit for purpose solution. For this major refurbishment, Gerflor would supply over 1100m2 of Gradus Lunar Carpets, specifying ‘Rook’ and ‘Moretus’ as the colour choices.

M1NT Studios, on behalf of their client, Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (M.A.D.E), would, through the appointed contractor, FK Restorations – be responsible for the final overall look of the finished project.

Mathew Fleming, Commercial Director, FK Restorations said, “As the designs were being developed the Gradus Lunar carpet collection from Gerflor, had just been launched and M1NT Studio strongly felt it had a lot of synergies with our design intent.”

Stephanie Taylor, Director, and Interior Designer M1NT Studio commented, “We loved how the Gradus Lunar Carpet Tiles were unique by taking inspiration from the surface of the moon, it was very much forward thinking like our client. The range of colourways and the competitive price point also made it stand out from the crowd.”

Lewis Leadeatt, Area Specification Manager, Gerflor Flooring and Gradus Accessories commented,” It was a great pleasure working with the M1NT Studio on the M.A.D.E project. You can clearly see their fun energy and positive spirit infused in their design.”

Stephanie Taylor concluded,” We would definitely specify Gerflor products again. The support from their specification and technical teams and ability to react quickly to queries was world class.”

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