Taraflex legacy success coined with Gerflor’s sponsorship of Ipswich Basketball Club

Ipswich Basketball Sponsorship & Gerflor Taraflex Sports flooring

British Basketball continues to grow in popularity. Basketball is now the second most played sport by children between the ages of 11 and 15 years, according to a study by the Department of Culture and Media Sport. In the UK basketball is played by 264,000 people at least twice a month. It’s a sport that has burst onto the mainstream sporting stage in a very big way. You’ll be surprised to learn this American sport is now even more popular than cricket!
Back in 2013 when the Ipswich Basketball Academy based at Copleston Sixth Form College (which is home to the Ipswich Basketball Club) needed to refurbish their existing floor, they turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 700m2 of their world class Taraflex® Comfort vinyl sports flooring which was installed on top of an existing Granwood floor. This was a more cost-effective timely solution than refurbishing or replacing the Granwood. By overlaying Taraflex® onto the pre-existing surface, the facility was able to quickly rejuvenate its floor. In the long term it would also minimise its maintenance costs (no need to re-sand and seal as in the case of a wooden floor) and benefit from long-lasting durability, thanks to Taraflex® superior surface treatment for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene.
The Ipswich Basketball Academy has for over seven years been recognised by England Basketball as one of the top Academies in the East Region and one of only 12 institutions in the country delivering the AASE programme. Established in 1976, Ipswich Basketball Club have been developing basketball players from grassroots to the elite, with both men and women now competing in the EABL and WEABL Elite Academy Basketball Leagues. In fact, the Ipswich Women Senior Team are defending national champions which is a huge testament to their training and talent and of course the facility they train and play on.
Nick Drane, Head Coach and Academy Director, Ipswich Basketball commented, “We chose Gerflor’s Olympic pedigree Taraflex® sports floor after visiting various sites across the country. We felt that this world class surface would be the ideal solution for us and our clubs’ specific needs.” On performance, Nick Drane added, “Taraflex® cushions our athletes perfectly, both in terms of jumping, landing and when they fall to the floor. It also retains its grip much better than a wooden floor. 8 years on since the installation, Taraflex® continues to perform and meet our demanding expectations, whilst enhancing player enjoyment.”
From children and adults of all ages, to professional elite players, Taraflex® sports floors deliver outstanding protection, comfort and safety each and every time. Taraflex® offers immediate impact protection and provides excellent shock absorption properties. This minimises the force of impact and reduces the long-term risk of injuries, compared with traditional wood floors. It is approved by many national and international governing bodies of sport and is priced competitively to suit most budgets.

Cameron Taylor-Willis, Senior Women’s Captain Ipswich Basketball said, “The Taraflex® sports floor at Copleston is outstanding when it comes to its superior performance. It’s grippy, absorbent and really comfortable to play on, it definitely further enhances our enjoyment of the sport. Our players are delighted and very much impressed with the quality of the sports surface and regularly comment on its supreme comfort.”
Taraflex® has a unique product construction that ensures excellent playability, combined with the best levels of protection and safety. Globally Taraflex® sports flooring from Gerflor has been the no.1 preferred indoor solution for over 60 years. The Taraflex® ranges have been used by the largest international sports federations (volleyball, handball, badminton, table tennis) for decades. Through partnerships with these federations Gerflor has been present at the Summer Olympic Games since 1976. It’s an Olympic pedigree stretching back over an incredible 45 years. Every sports person has, regardless of their ability, played at least once in their lifetime on a Taraflex® vinyl sports floor.
Taraflex® sports floorings are not only associated with international sporting events but continue to be a popular choice in a vast array of national and regional sports facilities. Gerflor understands how important it is to future proof sports amenities enabling them to get the best performance and durability from their training and playing surfaces. The Taraflex® floor installed at the Ipswich Basketball Academy in 2013 is testament to that ‘future proofing’.
The Taraflex® Comfort sports floor installed at the Ipswich Basketball Academy is a P3 category sports flooring, ideal for a variety of sport and leisure activities. Offering the highest level of shock absorption, minimising the force of impact on the body, and reducing long term injury risk. Taraflex® Comfort is available in 20 colours and three wood-effect designs as standard. Taraflex® Comfort was the first sports floor in the P3 category delivering high levels of technology and innovation knowledge to bring optimal comfort and safety and is suited to all levels and all sports for all users. The wide range of eye-catching trendy colours allow specifiers to truly design their own ‘look’ and with Gerflor’s My Taraflex® which is the first integrated customisation service for sports flooring projects using the latest and newest digital printing technology. Available across all the Taraflex® range, the My Taraflex® digital printing service allows sports specifiers and designers to unleash their creativity to deliver a totally unique sports floor for their clients.
Gerflor’s Taraflex® sports floorings continue to be widely specified across the education, leisure and sports sectors, thanks to their high-quality manufacturing. Supplying these Olympic pedigree sports floors, with optimum safety, comfort and superior performance are seen as crucial elements for also inspiring the sporting stars of the future.
Gerflor believe that supporting sports at the grass root level is imperative to ensure that every player and participant, regardless of age and ability, can become champions within their own right. To this end, Gerflor are proud to announce their 2021/22 sponsorship of the Ipswich Basketball Club. This golden opportunity will deliver a much wider social impact: it will help the players to lead healthier lives, to develop new skills for employment and to further engage with the local community in exercise and sporting initiatives.

Nick Drane said, “The sponsorship and support Gerflor are providing the club is invaluable, and in these uncertain times due to the impact of COVID-19, and the subsequent effect that has had on the economy, and of course, club finances, it is crucial that the club continues to develop corporate partnerships with companies that wish to see this sport grow and develop.”
Gerflor are specifically sponsoring the club’s livestreaming of WNBL Division One Women’s games, together with the production ‘highlights’ from Senior Men’s games and will also have a significant courtside advertising presence.
Ipswich Basketball Club Women’s team were 20/21 WNBL D1 League and Playoff Champions. Gerflor are thrilled to be supporting the team on their journey to increased success going into 2022.
David Carter Gerflor Sports Specialist added, “We supply hundreds of facilities per year hosting sport at levels that are not awash with money. Ipswich is somewhat unique in how they operate and have shown that with the right investment, players can really benefit and springboard them into the global basketball arena.”
Nick Drane also commented, “Gerflor’s Taraflex® sports floor continues to deliver in its performance, our athletes love training and playing on it. In fact, Taraflex® has been a major selling point of our academy and we would definitely choose Taraflex® sports flooring again.
Nick Drane ended by saying, “The Gerflor sponsorship greatly helps Ipswich Basketball Club continue to be able to operate at an elite level of National League Basketball.”
Gerflor are ready to assist customers with specifications, provide technical advice and free site surveys for both new build and refurbishments projects. In addition to this, best sellers of stock are readily available in the UK.
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