Towering triumph for Gerflor’s Taraflex® at Beaconsfield High School

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Beaconsfield High School, in Buckinghamshire have been delivering a highly successful academic culture for more than over 50 years. Leadership, respect, humility, morality, creativity and physical activity are just some of the additional life skills and behaviours that are taught to pupils on a daily basis. So, it’s no wonder, that when the school wanted to refurbish their main sports hall, the natural choice was to turn to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 635m2 of their world class Taraflex® Performance vinyl sports flooring, in Light Blue, to successfully complete the project.

Steve Wilson, Gerflor Specification Manager, South Central said,” The project came about with the flooring contractor Folkspur Flooring who we have a trusted and credible relationship with. They are ‘term contractors,’ who Immediately proposed the Taraflex Performance sports flooring to stakeholders at Beaconsfield High School.”

Established in 1983 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Folkspur Flooring have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the flooring industry. Folkspur Flooring offer many different types of flooring, supplying, and installing flooring in both commercial and domestic settings.

Chris Stopp, Contracts Manager, Folkspur Flooring Ltd, commented, “We have carried out all types of flooring works at Beaconsfield High School. This has included   repairing the existing sports floor that was in place, as well as refurbishing many other areas across the facility. Based on our credibility to specify the right solution for the required application and also being able to deliver on time and to budget, our business has built up an excellent relationship with the school.”

On specification Chris Stopp went on to further comment, “We have extensive experience of installing Gerflor products, we know that the quality of their flooring coverings   is exceptional and speak for themselves. We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients, in particular, when it comes down to the longevity, durability, and performance of Gerflor products. We have also installed over the years, many Taraflex indoor sports surfaces and we believe it to be the best on the market.”

Taraflex® Performance is a synthetic indoor sports flooring that can be specified for a wide range of sports applications, in a variety of sectors. It delivers optimal safety, comfort, and performance for users, as well as being available in an extensive choice of vibrant designs, making it the ideal choice for a host of locations. Taraflex® Performance is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including most sporting and leisure activities, and is also a popular choice for sports halls in education and leisure buildings, as well as the go to preferred option for many prestigious elite and elite sporting events. In fact, Taraflex® sports flooring has been fitted at every Olympic Games since 1976 and is approved by many National and International governing bodies as a world class sports surface.

Taraflex® Performance easily meets the rigorous demands of a vast array of sports activities, it provides excellent co-efficient of friction, this means twists, turns, stops/starts can be carried out without the fear of slipping or gripping and subsequent injuries from physical activity. The shock absorption qualities of Taraflex® Performance, also helps players gain even more enjoyment from sport. It offers a P2 category shock absorbency of 35% to 45%. Taraflex® Performance is available in 17 colours and 3 wood-effect designs as standard, with an addition of 110 solid colour options available.

Over 6 million pupils everyday enjoy the benefits of Taraflex® sports flooring as it delivers a versatile range that can be used for various multi-specialist applications. Taraflex® is ideal for new build projects and refurbishments and is extremely durable and cost effective to maintain. The Triple Action Protecsol® surface treatment ensures that no polish is ever required for the lifetime of the floor, it also saves on both water and energy consumption, as part of a cleaning and maintenance regime, excellent news for the planet and future generations. Taraflex® is manufactured with a minimum of 30% recycled vinyl content and is also 100% recyclable.

Taraflex® meets the EN 14904 Standard, which is the minimum performance requirements to be met by indoor sports floors. Its objective is to draw attention to the necessity of installing safe and comfortable floors that will reduce the risk of injuries. With a complete range of outstanding sports surfaces that can meet specification requirements for compliance with P1/P2/P3 shock absorption Taraflex® sports floorings are perfect for delivering optimal safety and protection for users, regardless of their age and sporting ability.

The combination of D-Max™/D-Max™+, CXP™HD foam, ensures that Taraflex® sports floorings are durable, high-performing and stand the test of time. The exclusive Taraflex® technology ensures that the sports floors are longer-lasting …a massive boon, when long-term planning and budgeting are perceived as being two key considerations for specifiers.

On fitting and timescales Chris Stopp said,” We had to uplift the old worn-out sports floor, which wasn’t a Gerflor product, and we then had to also remove the metal panelling. Damp issues were found underneath, so we had to carry out subfloor works in order to prepare the floor to the requirements specified by Gerflor, so that we could then overlay the Taraflex® sports surface. Biddle Sports assisted with the project as another key player who managed the court markings and school logo.

Chris Stopp added, “The work was conducted over the five- week summer holiday period using three of our highly skilled fitters, together with other flooring projects being conducted within the school at the same time. The client is delighted with the finished results, thanks to Gerflor for their support with the project and the world-renowned sports surface.

Chris Stopp also commented, “Gerflor’s Taraflex sports flooring has really met and surpassed our expectations. The school and sports hall users have passed on outstanding feedback about the final look and feel of the floor. We would definitely specify Taraflex® again, as it’s always our ‘go to’ sports flooring product of choice.”

Chris Stopp concluded, “we are absolutely delighted with the outcome and the look of the Taraflex floor from Gerflor.”

Steve Wilson ended by saying, “Beaconsfield High School are extremely delighted with the outcome of the sport floor refurbishment. The finish is striking and the Taraflex cushioned sports floor is delivering consistent comfort, safety, and performance on a daily basis for all pupils, students, and teaching staff.”

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