WOW! Brand new 2018 Taralay Initial Collection

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Vinyl flooring has evolved more than any other type of flooring over the last decade. Each year, vinyl manufacturers are stepping up, creating more realistic looks and even cooler features and 2018 will be no stranger to a further surge in product development.

It’s a world where providing an entry-level product that meets a host of criterion is vital in delivering to designers and specifiers vinyl flooring that doesn’t cost the earth and produces stunning designs, coupled with excellent levels of performance. Not an easy ‘ask’ by any means.
At the very forefront of this march towards providing great quality, cost-effective flooring is international flooring specialist Gerflor who have taken the challenge of producing a range of products aimed directly at the entry level market. Their newest range is in a sense an ‘enabler’, allowing designers to be brave and unfettered with designs without having to delve deeply into their wallets.
With more than 70 years’ experience of innovation driven by substantial investment in research and development, Gerflor is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of vinyl flooring offering an inspiring range of design-led flooring products suitable for both contract and residential markets.
The new Taralay Initial Comfort and Taralay Initial Compact ranges from Gerflor. are perfectly placed to provide a broad brush for a host of differing decorative applications. As an entry level vinyl flooring product, the new Taralay Initial Comfort and Compact suite of products deliver a stunning choice of 32 colour references, which includes 16 colourways which have been ‘migrated’ across from their hugely successful Taralay Impression range. However, the new Taralay Initial collection also has 7 brand-new stunningly beautiful colours added into the ‘Diversion’, Woods’ and ‘Tweedy’ groups. It’s a designer dream of textural notes and hues.

Taralay Initial Comfort is a new range of wood, concrete, textile and graphic modern designs and has very good performance in sound insulation Offering indentation resistance of <0.20 mm and 19 dB sound insulation. It has a new density foam backing which allows much easier rolling where less force is needed to push rolling loads. It provides the same indentation results with a greater thickness. Ideal for high traffic areas (0.65 mm wear layer thickness). The new Taralay Initial Comfort has a reduced weight of 7.5kg/roll less compared to the previous Taralay Initial Comfort. It’s much easier to manipulate for installers and as Taralay Initial Compact also has the benefits of Protecsol® which means no polish for the entire lifetime of the product ensuring ease of cleaning with no need for acrylic emulsion (metallisation) helping to deliver improved indoor air quality: TVOC <10ųg /m3

Taralay Initial Compact is a heterogeneous vinyl flooring comprising of a compacted backing reinforced with a glass fibre grid and a printed design. Protected by a transparent wearlayer (0.70 mm thick) with a Wear Group rating of T. Offering indentation resistance of <0.10 mm and sound 6 dB sound insulation. It also comes with the innovative protection provided by the UV cured Protecsol® Surface Treatment.

The new Taralay Initial range from Gerflor offers a decorating solution that exceeds expectations, taking the possibilities of vinyl flooring and its uses to a vast swathe of new markets and design heights. It’s the ideal entry level product for a large selection of flooring applications where design doesn’t have to be compromised over costs.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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