Gerflor to the rescue with Libertex flooring for Langford Budville Hall in Somerset.

Langford Budville New flooring

When the main floor space in the thriving community Langford Budville Jubilee village hall needed a fast-track refurbishment, the Parish Council made the forward-thinking decision to specify 200m2 of Taralay Libertex in ‘Amsterdam Light Grey’ from international flooring and interior specialists Gerflor. It was the perfect solution for the facility, the innovative flooring was specified for its design and also for its hardwearing and cushioning properties and suitability for the various purposes the hall is used for by various stakeholders.

Langford Budville Jubilee Hall was opened in October 2012 by HRH The Earl of Wessex, following 30 years of fundraising. The village lies some 2 miles to the Northwest of Wellington in Somerset, where far reaching views to the Blackdown and Quantock Hills can be enjoyed.

Their main hall, which has a seating capacity of 150, now proudly boasts the new Gerflor Taralay Libertex flooring which provides the basis for a vast number of activities which includes everything from bowls and table tennis, through to yoga, cinema nights, fitness classes…and even hosting meetings for the local Police! It’s a busy community hub offering a plethora of activities that all require the durability and comfort of Gerflor’s high-quality Taralay Libertex flooring to ensure a ‘fit for purpose’ environment that is also future proofed for years to come.

Commenting on the project Chris Pursey the Specification Area Sales Manager at the time for Gerflor said, “The end user David Brown contacted us for advice on floor finishes for the hall, as they use the space for various activities. David used to be an Architect before retiring and had specified Gerflor on similar projects in the past, so he had high levels of confidence in Gerflor products.”

Chris Pursey went on to say, “The subfloor was constructed of painted plywood which would have been difficult to stick adhere new flooring to, so we proposed Taralay Libertex which is a fast track, adhesive free, looselay solution. It was perfect for the hardworking space, highly durable and a credible product for delivering outstanding cushioning properties.”

David Brown who is a Trustee of Langford Budville Jubilee Hall said, “Our village hall was built eleven years ago and had a painted plywood floor which was all that could be afforded at the time. A new floor was on the agenda once funds were available. As a retired architect who has specified Gerflor on many occasions, I’m very confident in the quality of Gerflors flooring products.

We specified ‘Amsterdam Light Grey’ for its ultra realistic mineral and concrete finish that was in keeping with the look and feel we wanted to create for the community facility.”                 


The installation of the Gerflor Libertex flooring would be the responsibility of Bristol-based Rudge Brothers and James (RBJ Contracts). Rudge Brothers & James have been supplying and installing flooring products for commercial projects for over forty-five years. RBJ are a customer-focused company offering independent consultancy on the supply and fit of the best products for each individual need for each location and application. It’s a business that has established a reputation for quality, attention to detail, and delivering the best independent advice at all times, whether for its for-End Users, Architects, Interior Designers or fit out Contractors.

Jim Heal, Managing Director at RBJ commented,” We always specify Gerflor flooring when we can. Taralay Libertex is extremely easy to work with and always delivers on its technical performance, its durability and also stylish design. The Taralay Libertex flooring, which we installed at Langford Budville Village Hall, was remarkably easy to lay and went down in a noticeably shorter time. We were impressed with how quickly the refurbishment happened.”

Chris Pursey ended by commenting, “The feedback has been exceptional and immensely positive from the users in the hall, including members of the bowls club who play on it frequently. This installation has transformed the Village Hall, and its rewarding to see that the community will benefit from its investment for many years to come.”

David Brown concluded by saying, “The final result is really sensational. Perfect for our diverse facility needs and liked and appreciated by all of our users. Personally, I would specify or recommend Gerflor flooring to be used wherever possible for refurbishment and new build interior projects.

Jackie Douglas who runs a twice- weekly yoga class in the hall said, “We all agree that the new Gerflor floor is a significant improvement. The cushioning effect and its ability to absorb impact, as well as being aesthetically very nice to look at and extremely comfortable to exercise on, is a game changer for the village hall and the local community. We are delighted with the final finish.”

Taralay Libertex product overview

Pioneering adhesive-free looselay solutions has always been central to Gerflor’s research and development ethos. These solutions are ‘the present and the future’ of flooring as they are faster and cheaper to install, create outstanding working and living environments and are healthier for our planet.

Gerflor’s Taralay Libertex range is an ‘enabler,’ allowing designers to be brave and free with designs and is competitively priced for all projects.

 Taralay Libertex features a new generation of textile backing across the sheet vinyl range, specifically developed for hard working commercial applications in education, hospitality, leisure, shops, offices, care homes, as well as housing and common areas.

The Taralay Libertex collection is available in 20 striking finishes, with authentic and contemporary designs including realistic wood and mineral decors, as well as solid plains for vibrant locations and zoning in building interiors for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Taralay Libertex is the ideal flooring choice when time really is money, providing up to a 30% saving on installation costs for new builds and renovations as it can be laid directly onto most existing or uneven subfloors. Minimal subfloor preparation is required, and a direct laying capability coupled with no drying time and no need for a premise’s shutdown means that Taralay Libertex is the ideal choice for installers, as well as end users when a project requires a fast turnaround.

Taralay Libertex is a multi-layered vinyl floorcovering with a printed design which is protected by a 0,70 mm thick transparent wear layer. The product features the innovative MAX 3-layer system which is comprised of a high-density foam complex with fibre glass, an acoustic foam layer and a recycled reinforced textile backing. Taralay Libertex also provides 19dB sound insulation properties, whilst also offering R10 slip resistance and a Group T wear rating. Taralay Libertex is also treated with Protecsol® which provides easy cleaning & maintenance. The innovative surface treatment renders polish redundant and is triple action meaning no polish is ever required.

Taralay Libertex is compatible with cold welding, hot welding, coving, and Vynaflex skirtings and includes at least 30% mineral materials and 20% renewable materials with the textile backing being made of 95% recycled PET bottles. It is also 100% recyclable and 100% REACH compliant, and its VOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000) are below 100 microgram / m3. It is classified A + (the best class) for indoor air quality.

Learn more about Gerflor’s Flooring Solutions: ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01625 428 922, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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