Taraflex® from Gerflor takes Sport Aberdeen to new heights.

Get Active @ Kincorth Sports flooring

Sport Aberdeen is an award-winning registered charity committed to creating opportunities, inspiring people, and changing lives through sport and physical activity. Established in 2010, the organisation manages sport and physical activity services on behalf of Aberdeen City Council. When the Kincorth sports hall required a world class indoor flooring finish, Gerflor’s Olympic pedigree Taraflex® sports flooring would be the natural choice for this iconic refurbishment. Over 600m2 in Light Cherry would be the specified in a Taraflex® Combi Elastic system that was finished with a Taraflex® Evolution point elastic flooring.

Unique to other leisure providers, every penny made by Sport Aberdeen is reinvested back into the communities it serves. Its mission is simple – to inspire more people across Aberdeen to get active, regardless of age, gender, or ability.

The hall at Get Active @ Kincorth is used for multiple sports and exercise activities. The hall is frequently utilised for basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, and netball, however, other activities including fitness classes are also carried out in it.

Maggie Smith, Scotland Team Leader, Gerflor said, “The project enquiry came through from Euan Beggs at MRT Architects in regard to the refurbishment of the sports hall at Kincorth for Sport Aberdeen. Initially, they were considering a timber cradle and baton system (Area Elastic). After various discussions about the project requirements and the specific need for a solution that would be fit for purpose and within the budget and timescale for this major refurbishment, we proposed an alternative solution. This was to be the Taraflex® Combi Elastic system which is a cradle and baton system finished with Taraflex® Evolution point elastic flooring.”

On specification, Maggie Smith went on to further comment, “The existing sports floor was out of action for many months and a new floor was desperately required. The client, Get Active @ Kincorth specified Gerflor for the sports hall flooring after many discussions over the suitability of the combined system which included the users of different ages and ability, who would play in the facility, the types of activities and sports being played, and the additional benefit Taraflex® offers with Index Protection Index (IPI), which would be ideal for both the younger and elderly users, allowing all ages to enjoy the facility and enhance their experience.”

Maggie Smith also added, “The installation went extremely well, with General & Technical Flooring Services being the appointed contractors, with no hiccups as part of the install.”

At Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects, they hold a commitment to providing a quality service and strive to create buildings of the highest design quality without compromising on the Client’s finances, building programme, and long-term building management considerations. The practice understands that the success of any project lies in the relationship between the client and architect, and therefore Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects adopts a collaborative, balanced and integrated approach.

Their experience across all sectors allows them to deliver a high-quality design that not only works and functions for the needs of the building’s occupants but is also respect of the surroundings and creates a flexible, modern environment.

Euan Beggs, Architect at Mackie Taylor Ramsay said,” The project was part of our client’s commitment to continually improve and enhance their sport facility offering within Aberdeen city. Part of this programme was the refurbishment and enhancement of the multi-purpose sport hall within Get Active @ Kincorth, by way of a replacement floor covering and general facility upgrade.”

On flooring specification for the project, Euan Beggs commented, “Gerflor’s Taraflex® sports flooring was chosen as a replacement for the existing sprung timber floor for a number of key reasons. By using Gerflor’s complete system of product, we were able to maintain a sprung floor under build and tie back into the existing finished floor level, which reduced the need to carry out additional work and alterations out with the hall itself. The surface provided the required premium performance required for a multitude of sports, whilst providing the client with a simplified maintenance regime over other alternative floor coverings.”

Further commenting on the installation Euan Beggs said, “The project had one unique challenge, which was to retain and re-use the same sports equipment anchor points. Through ongoing conversations with Gerflor’s Specification team, it was agreed that this was possible. Gerflor recommended what their anchor point covers, which could be installed as part of the overall flooring works. The contractor responsible for the installation of these covers had never installed or heard of this product before. When further discussing this with Gerflor, they helped to guide the installer on how to do this correctly and what specific tools should be used to ensure a perfect circle could be cut through the finished surface. When installed in line with these instructions it finished the surface off both aesthetically and functionally. “

Hugh Black, Group Estates Manager at Sport Aberdeen commented, “The flooring at Get Active @ Kincorth was in dire need of urgent replacement and Sport Aberdeen decided not to go for a like-for-like option and to try something unique and different.” On specification, Hugh Black added, “Gerflor’s Taraflex® sports flooring was installed at Get active @ Kincorth and the main reason was for its characteristic of spongy vinyl, as opposed to a natural timber product which gave Sport Aberdeen an option to compare different types of flooring in terms of its performance for cushioning and protection. “

The installation at Get Active @Kincorth would be the responsibility of Aberdeen-based General and Technical Flooring Services. Since 1994, General & Technical Flooring Services has been built on a firm foundation of commercial flooring expertise. Across all coverings, across all sectors & across all of Scotland, their reputation has also been built on working together with their clients to create a world class facility. Led by their installation team of experts, they deliver the commercial flooring solutions all commercial clients need. From commission to completion, they deliver on time, on budget, and with safety as a top priority.

John Morrison, Managing Director, General & Technical Flooring Services said of the project, “We are a locally based flooring contractor and were contacted by KW Contractors who were in charge of the full refurbishment. The client specified Gerflor’s Taraflex® sports flooring, however, we were also asked our opinion and of course assessed the suitability and quality of the system for the purpose of the refurbishment project.”

On installation John Morrison commented, “We had three fitters installing the sprung support system and then a further two fitters installing the vinyl. It took us two weeks to complete the acoustic hardwood system and then a further week to install and weld the vinyl. Gerflor’s Taraflex® Combi Elastic system is a very good system to work with. The sprung floor is relatively simple to install, and we are very experienced with Gerflor’s Sports vinyl and rubber products.”

Hugh Black added, “Another reason Sport Aberdeen chose Taraflex® sports flooring was down to its enviable reputation – the charity realised that Taraflex® is a widely accepted product for competitive sport at a high and professional level. Although Sport Aberdeen’s venues are primarily for recreational use, the charity was still keen to give Gerflor a try with its indoor sports surface. This is a totally new product for Sport Aberdeen, and it has never had Gerflor flooring installed before at its facility. A diverse range of activities take place on the floor including netball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, and fitness classes.”

Maggie Smith concluded, “It was my first time specifying a combined elastic system, so I was involved with all the technical side of the project and product, which was very exciting and interesting too. Hugh Black and his team are delighted with the final finish and results. When we visited to have the photographs taken, the facility staff mentioned the youngest user was only nine months old and the oldest was ninety-six years old, which is the best result you could ask for. It’s lovely to see a facility bringing all ages together to enjoy an active lifestyle. I loved working on this project and found it immensely rewarding.”

John Morrison ended by commenting, “The client and building users are all extremely delighted. The feedback from all stakeholders has been excellent. We are a partner of Gerflor, regularly supporting each other with specifications and we value the partnership along with their high quality and credible products. It was a legendary project to be involved with for our outstanding clients and revolutionary products to install. The end result has been welcomed by all and is a good testimony for other similar sports facilities of what can be achieved to transform their spaces but also to future proof their building interiors for many years to come and make them fit for the twenty first century for the different types of uses these buildings now have.”

Euan Beggs concluded, “Overall I believe that the finished floor build-up and the Taraflex® sports surface itself satisfies the clients performance requirements, and that was the key aim for the product specification. Going forward, I am confident that the indoor sports surface will stand the test of time and will continue to provide a high-quality playing surface for a number of years to come. Based on the technical knowledge and guidance received from Gerflor and its Specification team through the design and install process for this project, and the product itself, I would have no issue with specifying Gerflor’s Taraflex® products in the future.”

Hugh Black ended by saying, “Sport Aberdeen is delighted with the final result. It has received exceptional feedback so far from customers, members, and sports club users alike, all noting that the floor has a softer under foot feeling. We would definitely choose Gerflor Taraflex® sports products again. Specifying Gerflor flooring, also ensures a much quicker installation process which is also an added bonus and the after sales services from Gerflor has also been really excellent.”

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