Gerflor and Mike Burris in the spotlight!


From zero to hero is never an easy path. Just look at the gargantuan effort by our GB Olympians in Rio 2016 and one can see that it’s talent, dedication and sheer hard work that delivers results. The same applies to growing any small business and yielding a success story.

Based in Coleford, which sits on the cusp of the stunning Wye Valley, Mike Burris Flooring is a gem of a success story. It’s a yarn that unfolds a line of commitment and self-belief to deliver a business that is thriving with a glowing horizon ahead of it. It’s a flooring company that has one man at the helm who is determined that quality will be the shining star that illuminates everything he does.

In most businesses, there are peaks and troughs. Highlighting the stellar moments of those early years Mike Burris continued to comment, “I really enjoyed meeting clients and talking through various options and solving any problems there were”. It would be a passion that would serve Mike Burris well. These days his hunger for meeting problems head-on and resolving them quickly hasn’t abated. Mike Burris further comments, “The most challenging aspect of the day-to-day job is meeting deadlines. No matter how far builders are behind, we are expected to make up the time and put in the extra hours to make sure the job is finished on schedule”.

This dedication to delivery and timelines is a mantra that requires the support of top-end manufacturers like international flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor.

This year will see a huge resurgence in Luxury Vinyl Tile and it’s a renaissance that Mike Burris fully embraces. “LVT seems to be very popular right now, along with natural effect sheet vinyl”. He says, “Many schools are moving away from traditional non-slip products and are selecting more modern flooring. Over the school summer holidays, we have used many different Gerflor products, which has included Tarasafe Ultra and a large amount of their Taralay Impression Control to name a few”.

The Tarasafe™ Ultra range from Gerflor is a specialist slip-resistant vinyl safety flooring. A product that’s inlaid with mineral crystals particles, as opposed to industry standard carborundum giving a brighter appearance. It also comes with a tough PVC wearlayer and meets HSE guidelines. Tarasafe™ Ultra is reinforced with a glass fibre grid and is suitable for use in all areas of heavy traffic where slip-resistance, durability and hygienic conditions are required. Benefiting from Sparclean® surface treatment for extreme resistance to soiling and staining it is also treated with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment. Tarasafe™ Ultra comes with a 12-year warranty and is also 100% recyclable.

Mike Burris goes on to say, “Good quality manufacturers and suppliers make my job a lot easier. I have always found that Gerflor have a product for every job, whether it’s for a commercial or residential project. Their products are of such great quality I can always specify any of their materials with huge amounts of confidence”.

Taralay Impression Control safety flooring from Gerflor is perfect for both refurbishments and new build. A multi-purpose floorcovering available in 2m sheet format with a Group T wear rating, is ideal for a host of heavy traffic environments where slip resistance is a must. Available as a dual collection: – ‘Safety in Wood’ and ‘Safety in Design’, the range includes realistic woods in contemporary colours and modern all over designs. Exceptionally hardwearing and easy to clean and maintain thanks to Protecsol® Control surface treatment, this flooring is more than suitable for hardworking and inspiring spaces. No wax is required and it is 100% recyclable. It’s all about providing inspiration and a tough safety flooring that offers slip resistance, looks fantastic and provides outstanding performance. It has a Pendulum Test value of +36, meets HSE guidelines (BS 7976-2) and R11 Ramp Test value (DIN 51130).

Mike Burris finally comments, “I have been specifying Gerflor products for 25 years, as I have found them to be well- priced, quick to install, easy to maintain, consistently great quality and they’ve generated fantastic feedback from my clients”.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions; ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

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